Disposable diaper VS cloth diaper for newborn baby! What do I use?

As a mother who have gone through this and have experience on this topic, I can easily talk about this.

I have had people advice me on this topic. I have had people tell me never to pick up disposable diapers as they leave rashes on the skin of the baby. Being a new mommy, you are scared of everything. You want the best for your baby. You get the most horrific images when someone tells you this. Naturally you end up choosing cloth diapers. The advises might have come from the near and dear, your parents, your in-laws, maybe friends, could be anyone. You figure them to know better and chose the cloth diaper path.

And then what?

Messy, smelly and dirty is all your life is, right?

I am glad that I choose the disposable diaper path. But what about the rashes, you ask?

They never came.

Though every baby’s skin is different, unless they have sensitive skin, most babies will never have rashes even with disposable diaper usage. How, you ask?

The key is these three things :

  1. Choose a good brand of diaper
  2. Remember to always apply a diaper rash cream when putting on a new diaper
  3. Change diapers frequently.


These three things are all I did for my baby and trust me when I say this, he never had diaper rashes. Never ever.

Like I say, every baby is different, so you need to check this out. If your baby is irritable to the diaper regardless of using rash cream and changing diapers then it is best to stay away from disposable ones. But this is a lower percentage. Most babies have a normal skin type and do not have rashes as long as the above three is followed.

Do take your decision anyhow basis what works best for your baby and as per your doctor’r advice.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash



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